Is real

The Paper Presents


By Ben & Omer.

The Thirst is real.
The thirst is real. How could it not be? Beverage scientists the world over begin their days in their highly specialized labs surrounded by aromatic spices, aphrodisiac powders, and woodland growing fertility – scheming and ensuring parched throats follow in their wake. Luckily, today’s thirst-quencher has an abundance of flavors and blends to choose from. From thick and silky smoothies to pulp-free blends – taste buts are as abundant as ever. Vanilla milkshakes, hot chocolates, chai latte teases, and lemon-flavored concoctions that hug their host’s cups – all awaiting the right cocktail to mix with.
The Thirst is getting real.
While the fruit wishes to be gently unraveled to protect its layers, today’s thirst-induced subject instead approaches in the same way they approach tenderloin steak: hungry eyes, ravaging hands.

A universal phenomena endows this dynamic both the repulsive properties of magnets and the attractive mysteries of gravity – one whose steady state results in the soft internals of the fruit mixing with the tender rigidity of the loins.
The Thirst just got realer.
There are dabblers as well as drunkards in the spectrum of the satisfied. While deadly are the desperate-inducing mirages for those crossing the desert, gang green-like sickness threatens those unprotected from the excessive moisture of the rainforest. To wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, this website proffers a simple suggestion. Go forth, and satisfy your quenches. But respect your drink, and do not lose yourself in it, or because of it.
And remember, the Thirst is real.